Blockchain Future of Banking Department

Blockchain is the word on the street and on everyone’s lips.

From finance to healthcare and logistics, the world’s movers and shakers are racing to be the first to adopt blockchain as the most revolutionary technology since the Internet.

Hey guys, I will take you through the futuristic world of blockchain and its most compelling use cases,

whether it’s tracking the supply chain of food or securing your digital identity. The future is now.

Find out why blockchain is the next big disruption that will reshape the way humans live, work and play for a better and fairer world.

Welcome to the Blockchain Future of Banking. The current banking system in three words: Centralized, greedy, and most likely, corrupt. We all remember the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008

which had $700 billion in liabilities causing a cascade of failures throughout the financial system and investors losing their hard-earned money.

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