Career Advise for When you Feeling Hates Job

It is going to be very easy for you to whine and complain, and do not actually do anything about the fact that you hate your job. But that is not why you’re here, my friend. You are here because I help you slay your career and cultivate the successful life you deserve. Let’s get straight to the point. You hate your job and you’re ready to do something about it. And that is why you are here to read this topic. I’m going to help you with Career Advise/ figure out what to do when you hate your job.


When you are facing career stagnation. When you are unhappy at work and before we get into exactly what to do, the first thing that I really want to make sure that you and I have squared away together is that you need to do something about it and you need to do something about it, Right now.



The thing is, when you’re in the I hate my job camp, it’s really easy to just kind of become complacent becomes the devil that you know, however, when you are truly unhappy and you hate your job, there’s a lot of bad things that start to happen. For example, when you hate your job, you can start to suffer from an undue amount of stress. This can have an impact on your mental health, which obviously we don’t want to have, and let’s face it right now, there’s enough going on in the world that you don’t need to have that stress and the potential risk to your mental health because of something like work and of course, when you are stuck in a job that you hate, and you choose to stay there that is absolutely a one-way ticket to career burnout, which you absolutely do not want to reach that destination do not recommend one star. Career Advise



The most important reason why you need to make this commitment to yourself right now is that you don’t deserve this, you deserve to do more than go to a job that you hate. You deserve a career that you love that makes you excited that you really feel like you have the ability to succeed it You deserve to thrive. And that my friends are exactly what we’re going to help you do through the rest of this topic. And honestly, I couldn’t get into the tactics until you really understood the urgency and why it’s so important and why you shouldn’t be settling in your career when there’s so much opportunity available to you even right now. Okay, but that doesn’t fix you from hitting your job. So what do you do now that you are ready to take action? Career Advise


Well, the first step of what to do when you hate your job is to figure out what you actually hate about your job. Sounds simple. But this is the thing that so many people scab and if you think it’s the job that you don’t like and you move to a different department and you’re still unhappy, you certainly feel like maybe there’s something wrong with you. Or maybe you go and find that job in a different company, but you continue to be unhappy, I want you to avoid those missteps in your career. So right now, what I want you to do is to isolate what you don’t like about your job?



Is there something about your role? Or is it actually the role that you don’t like? Or is it the company or the work environment that you don’t like, for example, if you’re in a toxic work environment, you can do something that you love, but still hate going to work every single day? If you’re in a toxic work environment when I’m working with my clients. Generally, what I do find is when someone is unhappy at work, it comes down to one of two of those things, sometimes it comes down to both. So don’t think that is one or the other.


Because it can be both of those things until you know what you don’t like about your job, we’re not going to be able to take the right steps to get you into a career and into a job that makes you really happy and satisfied, you might need to take some time to think you can take this as a takeaway. But when you do figure out what you don’t like about your job, let me tell you something, it is going to be very easy for you to whine and complain and to not actually do anything about the fact that you hate your job. Career Advise



But that is not why you’re here, my friends, you are here because you are going to take action and that is why you are going to do this. Now that you’re clear about what you don’t like about your career. Right now it’s time to figure out what you actually want, what job is going to make you happy? What does your career look like when you feel happy? And when you feel successful? If it’s the role that’s making you unhappy? What can you focus on? What can you do that you feel like you would be more engaged with that you would enjoy going to work every single day if you were doing that thing?


On the other hand, if the company was the issue, what values or what qualities about a company are you going to look for in your next role because let’s face it if you hate your company, it’s going to be time for you to find a new one based on what you know now try to figure out what happy or whatever fulfilled career is going to look like, at least for your next step and then once you do that, it is time for you to commit to making that next step in your career. Career Advise


Now, depending on what the actual issue is if you don’t like the job if you don’t like the company if you really hate those, that next step is going to be different. Maybe it’s the role that you’re unhappy in but you really love the company and the mission, your solution. Might be finding a different team or a different role to transition into. However, if it’s the company that you don’t like, but you actually really enjoy the job that you do, then is going to be time for you to activate a job search and if you don’t like both, then it’s time for you to do a total career transformation, which I promise you is not as scary as it sounds, or perhaps you were unhappy because your career just kind of stagnated. You’ve been wanting to get that promotion, but you haven’t really gone after it, or there’s been something holding you back from getting it, it’s time to focus on what the actual next step is, and commit to going after it wholeheartedly. Career Advise


My friend, I know when you set your sights on something that you are going to make it happen, and if you do really, really want to dig into it and figure out what you’re awesome at and what success is for you. Plus, you know, build on a tactical plan to make it happen. Now there is one more thing that you need to do if you are in a job that you really don’t like. It’s the most important because when you are in a job that you hate, it is easy to just be miserable and to bring that into every single area of your life making you not just miserable at work, but a miserable human being. That’s not fun. That is not who you want to be a right.



The most important thing that you can do right now cultivates a positive mindset. Now I’m not one for toxic positivity and turning that frown upside down. You are allowed to have a bad day you are allowed to stew in it. But we don’t want to live there. You can visit there but you don’t want to stay. Now there is a bunch of different ways that you can cultivate a more positive mindset.



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