15 Most Innovative Tent in this year 2020

Studies show that a lot of tourists than ever are traveling into the great outdoors this year. You join them, one thing it sure in the gear you take along can break/ make in your travel. If you are a traveling lover and camping is your passion, here are this year’s 15 most innovative tent options.



Hang Solo: The Hang Solo hammock stand lets campers set up their hammocks with ease, even in open, treeless areas. A 15 lbs aluminum stand supports 250 lbs. You can use it as-is or cover it in a rainfly and bug net to create an impromptu tent. The Hang Solo fits most standard hammocks and comes in Rustic, Lite, or Glamping editions.



Seconds Easy: Making it perfect for a last-second weekend get away, the 2 Seconds Easy innovative tent sets up and tears down in minutes. To set up, open the carry case and pull the ripcord. The tent pitches itself and folds back up with the push of a button—all you have to do is stake it. This tent is durable, heat-resistant, waterproof, and even blocks out sunlight.



Beluga tent: Beluga tent has six multipurpose functions. One Beluga kit can be a 2-person tent with or without an awning, a tarp, a hammock cocoon, two open hammocks, or an accessible shade shelter. These tents are also modular and connectable. The Beluga is made of recycled plastic, ethically sourced aluminum, and dye-free fabric. Qaou is a French company, so if you’re wondering where to buy tents from them, try their website or Kick starter page.


Rubicon Hitch Tent: The innovative Hitch Tent Rack System hooks onto the trailer hitch of your car, solving many of the problems with rooftop tents. It can also stand freely on its adjustable platform base. When you’re driving, the Hitch Tent stores vertically against your tailgate inside its custom rack frame. This saves you the trouble of both worrying about overhead clearance and towing a trailer.



Crua Modus Deluxe: Crua Modus Deluxe tent is a genuine all-in-one camping kit for one. However, it can connect to another Modus tent if you’re traveling with a buddy. This single-person tent contains a built-in air mattress, sleeping bag, and bug mesh. Its patented design insulates you against both temperature and noise. The rain fly even doubles as a hammock or picnic blanket if you don’t feel like setting up the whole tent.


10 ARK Home: The Exod Home ARK tent fits 1-2 people and has an inflatable frame that fills in minutes. You can use it to sleep on the ground, but its single-point suspension system also lets you dangle from branches, bridges, or whatever else you can attach it to. Unlike hammocks, the ARK tent uses a stretched canvas floor to help you sleep soundly without getting squished. It also has a storage compartment below the floor to stow your gear.



XL Cabin Tent: A Fjordsen XL Cabin Tent lets you camp on top of your sedan. It has a hard floor and inflatable beams with a unique prism shape that maximizes inside shape without sacrificing stability. You can choose from a variety of colors or even a vibrant floral pattern to show off your love for the outdoors.



GT Sky Loft: The GT Sky Loft inflatable rooftop tent sleeps 5-6 people in luxury on top of your car. It sets up in under 15 minutes and contains two separate rooms, a skylight for stargazing, and a cover to protect you from the elements. Are you all about living the water life on vacation? When you pass a lake or slow river, take the Sky Loft off your car and use it as a raft.


CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin: The CARSULE Pop-Up Cabin is a tent capsule that seals to your vehicle’s open tailgate. You can use it for sleeping, but it’s also tall enough to be a living/dining room. CARSULE is fast and easy to install. Most SUVs and hatchbacks can support the pop-up cabin but read through their product description will tell you if your car is compatible.



Aerial A1 Tree Tent & Hammock: The Aerial A1 is a single-person tent that’s suspended above the ground with a slackline system. It’s lightweight, easy to pack, and is extremely stable when hung between two trees. The Aerial lets you camp over rivers, gorges, or even on the ground.



Shore Tent: Fly fishing retailer Smith Fly based the Shore Tent on their popular Shoal Tent model. The 8’x8′ inflatable tent sleeps three adults on the comfortable EVA foam floor. You can even attach a Udecx modular deck to keep the tent off the ground.


Trilogy Camping Stack: Tentsile’s Trilogy Camping Stack connects three 2-person tree tents into a 6-person treetop complex. Suspend it between three trees for sag-free four-season hammock camping. Separate sleeping bags, underfloor storage nets, and storage pockets mean there’s plenty of room for your gear.


Crua Xtent: If you’re tired of hitting your head when you stand up, the Crua Xtent is for you. This tent extends vertically to give you an extra few feet of breathable mesh airspace. If bad weather hits, collapse it back down for a small, waterproof, insulated tent.



Bed Tent: The Bed Tent brings the camping feel indoors. Use it to enclose your mattress for privacy in a shared room or light-blocking during the day. It’s lightweight, easy to transport and setup, works with most mattresses, and is perfect for dormitories.


If you want to go somewhere that sets up the tents for you, try camping under Patagonia’s clear geodesic dome. On December 14th, 2020, a solar eclipse will occur and Argentina is the best place to see it. This remote stargazing experience from Black Tomato is the most incredible way to see out the year.

Backyard Tree Tent: On the top of our list is Tentsile’s Backyard Tree Tent. Contrary to its name, you don’t need trees to set it up—just the included hammock stand. This set lets you use Tentsile’s innovative hammock tents in the middle of an open field, at a festival, or on the beach.



Even if you live in the city, owning the right tents means a camping adventure is only a road trip away. What’s your favorite way to camp? Do you prefer a traditional tent, an innovative tent design like these, or glam campers and caravans?



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