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Describe full Details of Upcoming Apple Glass

Apple Glass chakri shop

You have Glass, congratulations. When Google Glass came out in 2013, they were ahead of their time. But they didn’t last for several reasons. To do anything, you had to tilt your head and say “ok glass”. Or use the touchpad. They were also expensive, clunky, and most importantly, people …

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ICD Evolution to Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth Technology: So, defibrillators have evolved tremendously over the past, you know, 30 to 40 years, initially, when they were first invented, they were quite a large in size, you know, you could compare to the size of a walkman, you know, and back in the day, you know, big …

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RAV4 Prime Toyota describes the full Details of 2021

RAV4 Prime

Welcome to the future of small SUVs. This is RAV4 Prime. Based on the incredibly popular RAV4 Hybrid, RAV4 Prime raises the bar even further in many exciting ways. First it’s fast, seriously fast. With over 300 combined horsepower on tap RAV4 Prime boasts the second quickest acceleration in the …

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3D Printing in the Future of Technology

3D printing

Manufacturing is what has created the modern Western society that many of us live in today. The invention of the railroad, the cotton gin, electricity and mass production changed the world ever. And now we’re at the cusp of a new revolution in modern society, additive manufacturing. You probably know …

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