7 Jobs will Disappear in the Next 20 Years Because of AI Technology




2. Drivers: We already have vehicles that come with fully autonomous/AI Technology driving options. That means the car can drive itself! Consumers, however, can’t use this feature fully because the government is yet to legalize it. Self-driving cars have attained a safety rate of 98%. This means that there’s still a 2% chance that the car ends up in an accident, that’s why governments haven’t yet legalized completely self-driving. But That could all change very soon as large corporations are working tirelessly to improve the system. Self-driving vehicles are not limited to cars only. Companies like Tesla, Volvo, and Waymo are coming up with trucks that might drive themselves. Waymo specifically has already started a fleet of 600 self-driving taxis in Phoenix, Arizona.


As cars are getting smarter, they will be able to communicate among themselves through software, which could finally end traffic jams and accidents, but at the same time, millions of drivers to look for different kinds of jobs since cars will be driving themselves. 3.5 million truck drivers will lose jobs in America alone. More than 300 thousand uber and taxi drivers are also going to be unemployed by then.



3. Pilots: Last time you took a flight, chances that the plane was flying itself were relatively high. Most planes today come with autopilot, which makes the task of the pilots significantly easier. With the development of AI Technology, as with cars and trucks, planes will be able to fly by themselves from the moment you board that plane till it lands without the pilot’s help! If you think these are all fantasies, then you must know that we are living in unusual times. Just think about how different the world was just ten years ago. The chairman of the International Pilot Training Association, Tilmann Gabriel, said that future pilots would be sitting in an office flying and managing the aircraft from the ground like the drone pilots already do.


In fact, drones are already playing a massive role in the military and are used in complex combat operations thousands of miles away from where the pilot is located. Many airlines have already reduced the pilot crew per plane from 3 to 2. It’s just a matter of another few years before that the number decreases to 1. Even the CEO of Boeing, James Albaugh, stated that a pilotless airline is inevitable, it’s just a matter of time.



4. Call center agents: Call centers are important, and it’s important that real human replies to you and not a robot because no one likes talking to a robot who can’t even understand your question. But they aren’t cheap to operate, that’s why most call centers have been shifter to developing countries like India since it has a huge number of English speakers, but at the same time, the cost of labor is significantly lower, however as these countries grow their economies, salaries are growing respectively. So businesses are investing heavily to automate this task as well. If you have called a call center and was amazon by how fast the agent found a solution to your problem or an answer to your question, don’t be surprised that the lady on the phone knows everything.


While you ask your question, the AI Technology robot picks up the keywords and finds a few potential solutions that the call center agent gets on the screen. All she does is pick the right request and just read the answer to your problem. Yeah, that’s how it’s done. Robots can also do that, but not in such a speed and accuracy that humans do, but with a little more improvements, the job of call centers will be obsolete.



5. Farmers: Once upon a time, not that long ago, over 95 percent of the population were farmers. But that number has been decreasing year and after to the point where only 1.3 percent of the US population are farmers. It is a dying occupation. For the last two centuries, we have come up with technologies to make it much easier, and now we are at that point where only 1% percent of the population can feed the entire country, but that’s going to change soon. Vertical Farming is going to Cause another revolution; This technology is taking it to a whole different level. As the world population is growing to over 8 billion people, we need a ai technology that can feed over 8 billion people. The problem with farming today is that it takes a lot of land and an unbelievable amount of freshwater. It’s just extremely inefficient. And that’s where Vertical farming comes into the picture.


It produces food on vertically inclined surfaces, which means it’s going to use a lot less land. With careful lighting and watering, its just a much more efficient method to produce food. But your typical farmer can’t just operate a warehouse that vertically produces so much food. Such a warehouse would require scientists, engineers, software developers, which means, traditional farmers will either have to adapt or lose their jobs. Vertical farming is not from a sci-fi movie. It’s a reality that’s already happening. It’s just a matter of time before it gets used wildly.



6. Cashiers: I think this is a pretty obvious one. If you look at most grocery stores and fast-food chains right now, they already have kiosks where you can simply self-checkout. Amazon has introduced its new venture, called Amazon Go, that you probably already seen. You get into a store, pick up whatever you want, meanwhile the cameras in the store track your picks, and once you get out of the store, the sum automatically will be charged in your account. Congrats, you did the groceries without dealing with a single person, especially cashiers. You do not even have to take out your credit card. No more long queues! Its exactly what need now, since social distancing is the new norm.


Amazon has dubbed this the “just walk out” technology. Though this is available in just a few cities, for now, we can expect this to explode nationwide very soon. Currently, there are 8 million people in America who work as cashiers. We can expect this number to be almost zero within the next decade as more and more people opt for the new no line system.



7. Construction workers: There are approximately 200 million construction workers in the world. As farmers, their job is, in many ways, repetitive, which means its subject to automation. Even though developing countries are increasing construction projects all over the world, it is not necessarily a good sign for the workers. Construction requires humans to do dangerous tasks, and people often get hurt in the construction site. With the development of new and affordable robots, companies will not have to worry about that in the future. Look at Sam, the Bricklayer, for example. He is a robot who can successfully place three thousand bricks per day without losing breath while an average human can only do a thousand before they get tired. And since construction consists of primarily repetitive tasks, we can expect AI to take over most of the work very soon.


Construction seems like a complex job that’s difficult to automate, I mean, it consists of so many parts that need to be taken care of, but any complex task is nothing but a combination of multiple simple tasks, which is what construction is all about.


With self-driving tracks, drones, robots that can carry stuff around, many construction jobs can be replaced by robots, especially the dangerous jobs where humans might have to risk. That’s a big win for corporations, no wonder they are spending billions on developing this tech as soon as possible. Of course, construction isn’t going to be completed with automated/AI Technology from top to the button in the foreseeable future. However, many construction jobs are on the brink of extinction, with automation taking a big part of that. 

 Even if your job is not yet automated, that doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen.


In this age of technological innovation, it seems like its just a matter of time before everything gets automated. In the era of the internet, we are all connected. And changes in one area can indirectly influence other areas. In the last 200 years, a lot of new jobs have emerged, and many of them were replaced by AI technology, and this trend seems to continue.


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